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17th September 2018
Proud new owners of Bockmann Australia - Michael, Elfreda and Rosie, welcome you to our new business location at Swan Bay.
We are 10 minutes away from the SeaRoad Ferry at Queenscliff so are easily accessed from either side of Port Phillip Bay, just 45 minutes from Avalon airport and 1 hour 45 minutes from Tullamarine.
We have cottage accommodation available at no cost for distance travellers.

We would like to thank Manfred Dobrow for all his dedication in setting up Bockmann Australia and for all his knowledge and help in our ‘handover’ - Don’t worry though, Manfred is still around and working as hard as ever on the Bockmann Horse Trucks. You will still see him!

We only have 3 Portax, 1 Champion R and 1 Master left in stock. We also have mobile tack boxes.
All Big Masters have sold out.
However, we have new stock arriving later on in the year. This includes the ever popular Big Master and also the Portax L SR (with a walk in tackroom).

If you have any special requirements or questions, please contact us and we can place your order.

21 August 2015

Safety Comes First for Boeckmann Float Fans

You know you're doing something right when people buy your floats and send testimonials for your website without being asked! Dawn Parmee of Brisbane did just this after her new Boeckmann Master was delivered. Here's what she says:

"I spend a long time researching my new float, countless hours on the Internet browsing manufacturers' website and trawling forums. I talked to friends and visited showrooms, but nothing I saw satisfied my requirements for horse safety.

The sales people focussed on features for the owner, not the horse, such as beautiful built-in kitchens. When I asked about safety features for horses, I quickly discovered they were limited. Many floats are built in China using inadequate materials and poor construction ... but they have stunning kitchens!

My search only came to an end when I met Manfred Dobrow of Boeckmann at Equitana in Melbourne. Manfred talked me through the features of these German-built floats and his focus was purely on horse safety. The quality of the European design and construction jumped out at me.

I set my heart on a Master, which is capable of carrying two large horses and perfect for my needs. However, it was out of my budget, so I decided to delay my purchase and save. My patience paid off when I placed an order for a two-tone Master -- black with a silver roof, jumping horse decal, mounting step and stallion divider. I chose what I wanted and Manfred arranged to have my float built to order. It took approximately four months, including travel time from Melbourne to Brisband, but was worth the wait!

The automotive suspension is amazing; my horses travel wonderfully and the float tows like a dream. I particularly love the collapsible front chest bars. The first time my youngster walked on the float, he dropped his head under the chest bar. Any horse owner knows that scenario usually ends in tears. Not this time. I simply dropped the chest bar and swung it to the side, so my horse could lift his head without incident.

I highly recommend a Boeckmann float to anyone who puts the safety of their horse first.

What's going to be my next purchase? A soon-to-be-released Boeckmann two-horse truck. I'm back on that savings plan!"

Boeckmann Master Two Tone
                                                                                                                            The Boeckmann Master
                                                                              This isn't Dawn Parmee's float, but illustrates the style and safety features she required.

4 May 2015

Innovative New Boeckmann Model Set to Transform Float Construction

The Boeckmann Champion R has arrived in Australia for the first time ... and sold before the wheels hit the dock!

Congratulations to Kathleen Fisher, a boutique appaloosa breeder, who is delighted to find a float that will easily accommodate two big western horses (apart from the thick set build and classic "apple" bottom, appaloosas have commonly surpassed 16hh for at least 30 years). As a first time float owner and less experienced horse handler, Boekmann floats have all the safety and easy handling features Kathleen needs to hitch the float unassisted and transport her horses anywhere by herself.

We firmly believe the Boeckmann Champion is the horse float of the future. The side walls are constructed of 100% aluminium "boards", which are robust and completely rust-proof. A premium aluminium floor and kick protection are standard equipment in this float, making this float extremely strong and long-lasting. In fact, this may not just be Kathleen's first float ... it may be the only horse float she ever owns!

DSC01741The Boeckmann Champion C in silver and metallic red



13 April 2015
New Catalogue Available NOW

Could This Be Your New Horse Truck?

*COMING SOON*....A truck set to revolutionise horse transport in Australia! Like all Boeckmann products, our new horse truck is designed with ultimate safety and easy-of-use in mind, especially if you regularly transport horses by yourself. Built to a gold standard finish, with our trademark stylish European looks.

Watch this space and follow us on Facebook for more news.                 FB FindUsOnFacebook 144

Boeckmann Truck Flyer


7 April 2015

Record-Breaking Warmblood Breeder is a Boeckmann Float Fan

Andrea Beatty of Saffron Stables bought a new Boeckmann Big Master at Dressage and Jumping with the Stars last week. This is Andrea’s second Boeckmann float and for many years she has transported her wonderful horses the long journey from Arcadia to Werribee in her Mega Master, including SPH Dante (who won every age group in the Young Horse and was sensationally sold to Germany for a record price) and the extra tall and very elegant SPH Sonata Hit (who won Young Horse classes and this year won the Prix St Georges under his regular rider Rodney Martin, who also rode this years’ 4 y.o. winner SPH Renaissance). After their 10 hour road trip, all horses arrived in top condition as can be seen from their competition results. Andrea has several more horses of this quality (some for sale) and no doubt some will be travelling in this new Big Master. We arranged the "Saffron Stables" signage on Andrea's float, which perfectly matches the signature Boeckmann horse decal.

Big Master 2A
Big Master 1B

Mobile Tack Boxes.
Size 56 x 120 x 68
Weight approx 20 kg.
Colour black. Lockable.
Price $ 695.00 at Bendigo (Vic)
Saddle Trunk low Res